Alan Krumholz



Associate Broker

Alan Krumholz has been a creative force within the real estate industry for over 35 years. He began his career at Curtis Properties and immediately structured a long term lease with Cambridge Schools Inc. The landlord was impressed with Alan’s deal making strategies and offered him a position as the sole managing and leasing agent for the Statler Hilton Hotel (now known as the Hotel Pennsylvania). As owner’s representative he brokered a net lease of 850,000 SF to the USA DEA Headquarters. The lease sparked a neighborhood revival in Chelsea. Alan furthered his path in real estate spanning into investment sales and completed several notable transactions, both development assemblages and income producing deals including the former Tommy Hilfiger headquarters at 485 5th Avenue, the Post Toscana apartment building development assemblage, an 82,000 loft building on behalf of Leon Charney to a residential condominium converter and inclusionary development certificates for the Ciello on the Upper East Side. Alan is highly respected in the industry and has developed a network of long standing clients.

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